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Factory Direct To Plumbing Contractors

   Custom built installation equipment specific to the Cured-In-Place Pipe lining industry 

CIPP Technology and Equipment is proud to present field proven ready to use turnkey installation equipment needed for the trenchless installation of a variety of CIPP lining systems. You’ll enjoy years of industry wide technical advancements and practical field experiences in the fabrication of all our custom equipment designed to streamline your site operations for bigger profits as we custom fabricate to accommodate your individual needs and specifications.

Steam Truck and Shooters       Check out these amateur videos below Smile

Steam Truck   Construction             And                  Steam Truck Complete


Thanks for all Your Support, At The 2014 No-Dig Show  

The Magic Of Trenchless Starts Here !

 Shooters from 4″ to 48″ get the job done faster

3" - To - 15" Shooters

3″ – To – 15″ Shooters

12" - To - 24" Shooters

12″ – To – 24″ Shooters

48" Mega Shooter

48″ Mega Shooter

48" Mega Shooter

48″ Mega Shooter

Make The Right Selection the First Time.    Even the pro’s occasionally wonder if they’ve selected the proper equipment Cry Especially important when you’re about to make a purchase. CIPP Technology and Equipment, focuses on supporting CIPP contractors. Beyond selling productsOur success is based on our reputation of helping customers with technical knowledge  

Our years of field experiences, assure you make the right selection the first time Smile.

We Focus On Support

   Whether your needs are short or long term, project specific, small or large scale CIPP Technology and Equipment has the experience, resources and commitment to help you find the right solution. Our experienced operators and project managers help identify, prioritize and implement your most cost effective solution.


CEO Marc Campbell


      Over 34 Years of Industry Service ( Plumbing Lic # PC89100029 )

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